our story.

it all began on a quiet, november day in 2016. laptop open in front of me, eyeballs scanning the screen for inspiration. should i make candles? should i make jewelry? no, i want to design something; use this as a creative outlet, a place to be 100% me. okay, t-shirts? do i really want to get into the apparel business? sure . . . why not?

on that day, all i knew was one thing: i wanted to do more for farmed animals. i stopped eating them back in may 2015, and yeah, it does a lot of good, but on that day i was smacked in the face with this intense desire to just do more. i wanted to try to raise even more awareness, i wanted to raise money to help the cause. i want to be a driving force in the movement of love and compassion. i want to, at least, try to be.

nomadic hearts was born out of this desire, mixed with my intense love of hiking and the great outdoors. life is too short to stay stagnant in one place – adventure is the best part about our existence. we live in a big and beautiful world that deserves to be explored, loved, and protected.

nomadic hearts strives to offer not only high quality products, but also a personal buying experience. i hope you feel like you're purchasing from a real life human being, not just another company. because, after all, you aren't buying from some big company at all. nomadic hearts is just a small business, run out of a tiny office space in cleveland, ohio.

each product is designed with comfort and quality as the top priority, and each design is created with adventure and a free spirited mindset. i spend hours behind the computer screen, perfecting every piece before sending it off to the print shop.

we print ethically right here in the united states in smaller batches. we choose high quality garments, supplied from manufacturers that do not employ sweatshop workers & are w.r.a.p. certified. we print on bella + canvas garments, but have also explored independent trading co., next level, and jerzees. each time, we come back to bella + canvas.

our mission is to inspire adventure in everyday life and foster a more compassionate world.

we hope that by wearing our clothing and being a part of our community, we can help inspire you to find adventure in everyday life. most people would define adventure as being in the outdoors, hiking through the forest, or climbing a mountain. the reality is, many people can’t find the time to do that with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. what adventure can you find today? maybe it’s diving deep into a book, simply going to the grocery store, or binge watching netflix. whatever it is, we challenge and encourage you to look at your day to day life a little differently – instead of looking at it as another day, think about it as a whole new adventure. each day you wake up, you have the chance to do something amazing for this world, to learn a new skill, to make an impact on someone’s day.. you have the chance of a whole new adventure. go find it.

along with that, we hope our brand can inspire positive change in the world, especially regarding the way we treat our environment and the animals we eat for food – we strongly believe in the power of making compassionate choices & hope to inspire the same within you. we proudly sponsor woodstock farm sanctuary by donating a portion of proceeds from every purchase to help them care for their rescued animals & advance education in veganism & compassionate living. check out the impact page for more information and resources.