our impact.


ultimately, nomadic hearts was born out of the desire to give back in some way. to help animals, the earth, things that matter to me, in some way.

i’ve gone through several donation policies, ranging from 10% of an entire order to $1 per item to raise all the money that has been donated.

in 2017, our first year in business, we donated over $300.00 combined to the humane league, the humane society disaster relief, and greenpeace — these organizations work to research, advocate, educate and help mother earth and her beings.

in 2018 we became a corporate sponsor to woodstock farm sanctuary, a farmed animal rescue and rehab operation located in upstate new york. we agreed to donate at minimum $500 to the farm, knowing our money would go toward food, medical attention and other necessities for the animals.

as of november 18, 2018 we have donated $571.00 to the sanctuary with a bit more money to donate still. we have met our quota for the year donation wise, so going forward starting november 1st 2018, all proceeds will directly benefit the growth of nomadic hearts.



If our vision interests you, use the following resources to learn more about our current food system (agribusiness and factory farming, GMOs etc), about the environment and global warming, and more. These resources include books, magazine articles, documentaries, charity websites and more.

New resources are added periodically, and will always be added to the bottom of the list.



Documentaries + Videos

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