welcome to our brand ambassador program!

hi there, friend. you're here because you've been accepted as a brand ambassador! yay! now what?! i'll run you through the details of the program and at the end i'll have you fill out one more simple form, as a final opt-in for the program.

let's get started . . .

what is a brand ambassador? your main purpose as a brand ambassador is to simply rep nomadic hearts & spread the word via instagram (and if you're on other social platforms, feel free to rep us there too!). it's that simple! yay. you are super important to the growth of my little business here so hello thank you i love you.

what do you have to do? your main duty is to post a photo to your instagram feed one time per month during the term showing nomadic hearts merch⏤terms are three months long so that's three posts total. you will do this by partaking in one of two campaigns. if you're unable to post during a campaign day, just make sure you post at some point within that month. also, i ask that you leave your posts up for at least the duration of the term. i will check to ensure you post⏤if you are using your discount code and not posting, you will be banned from the program.

aside from posting, i also ask you join slack. slack is an instant messaging platform built for teams. bangs shoes uses it for their program and i use it at work to communicate with people within the company. you may download it as an app on your phone or computer, or just use slack.com. this is my main form of communication and it's also the way you'll interact with everyone in the program.

what perks do i have as an ambassador? as an ambassador, your biggest perk is a 40% off discount. this is a deep discount that often times cuts your product price down to the price of production, so it's important to keep this code a secret. it is for you and you only⏤you may not use it to buy other people things, even your mom or best friend. sorry.

along with the discount, you typically get to purchase products on pre-sale (sometimes, not always). you'll help with product development, join in on contests to win free stuff, and join a community of rad girls who uplift and support each other.

a note on the discount: you do not need to purchase new product every time it comes out, however it's encouraged. it's okay to rep older clothing!!

. . .

that's pretty much it! if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me & i'll get them answered for you.

as a quick rundown, you must be willing to purchase at least one product (at a 40% off discounted price) and be willing to post to instagram once per month and join us on slack. this is not a program that gives out free product.

if you are interested in joining us, click this link to accept!